Dive & Travel and Dive & Travel Plus

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Dive & Travel and Dive & Travel Plus

  DiveAssure members are eligible for the most comprehensive Diving Accident and Dive Travel insurance plans.
  We provide 24/7 medical hotlines and supervision of diving emergencies operated by specialists
at Duke Dive Medicine at Duke University.
  We specialize exclusively in diving. Our expertise makes a difference.
  We pay directly to service providers. You don’t have to leave a deposit or other guarantees.

Dive & Travel and Dive & Travel Plus

DiveAssure offers 2 dive and travel plans that provide comprehensive general travel and diving accident insurance. In addition, both plan include
many benifitsspecifc to diving such as coverage for lost diving day and trip cancellation due to inclement weather. The Dive&Trevel Plus also offers comprehensive coverage designed spacially for liveaboard trips.This plan,as opposed to a general travel insurance program, will cover your trip
expenses if your missed the departure of your liveaboard because your fligth was delayed, or if you have to cancel your trip as you are medically
unable to dive, yet in good health ortherwise.
Please view he table below and see for yourself  hoe comprehensive the two plans are.


Dive & Travel ($)

Dive & Travel Plus ($)

Emergency Medical Evacuation - Worldwide 250,000 500,000
Medical Treatment 250,000 Unlimited
Lost Diving Equipment 2,500 5,000
Lost Baggage 1,500 2,500
Baggage / Diving Gear Delay 100/700 100/1,500
Repatriation of Remains 10,000 25,000
Emergency Evacuation or Non-Medical Reasons
Cancellation and Curtailment due to Accidental injury / death
of qualified persons. Medical Inability to dive


Hurricane / Typhoon ( and much more) Covered Covered
Travel Delay 500 1,000
Missed Departure / Connections 500 1,000
Missing Liveaboard boat departure - 10,000
Lost diving days due to the Mechanical
Breakdown Liveaboard boat,Failure of air 
supply,Injury to any passenger on 
Liveaboard boat
- 250/1,000
Lost Diving Days due to Medical Inability to Dive 100/500 250/1,000
Lost Diving Days due to weather Conditions 150/450 100/1,000


   Have a medical question concerning diving? We have answers for you. DiveAssure members, partners
   and dive-leaders can call the DiveAssure – Duke Medical Hotline with any question on diving safety
   and other non-emergency medical diving issues.
   Please Note: Questions will be answered by the physicians at the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental
   Physiology at Duke University. The non-emergency medical hotline operates during business hours
   (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm EST).
   Please call +1-919-684-6726 and present yourself as a DiveAssure member. You will be connected
   with a Duke hyperbaric specialist.

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